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Tara Hill - The Show
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As you can see in the clip above, Taradance is versatile. Our main focus is Irish dance, but we like to experiment (within our limits).
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If you want to add live musicians to your Irish dance experience, you can do so by filling in the appropriate form.
Taradance works together with folk band Malahide (Belgium).

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Tara Hill - The Show

Tara Hill isn’t just another Irish dance show but it is unique thanks to it’s fruitful collaboration between the successful folkband Harmony Glen and the energetic dancers from Taradance. Together they’ll take you on a journey centered around the mythical Hill of Tara.

Let the Seanchaí (traditional Irish storyteller) take you along through the history of this very well-bespoke hill in Ireland. Since the beginning of time people lived, fought and died near the river Boyne.

This artificial hill remains important throughout the eras and is still a much beloved and revered place for the Irish. 


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